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One of the most important milestones in architecture was the development of construction methods in iron and steel. The familiar post and beam metal frames of modern architecture became possible with the mass production of steel. However, it goes beyond the standards and eliminates the borders of architecture in a short time. Thus, every type of steel is the most favoured material for architectural design.


Steel presents a new design opportunity to architects with its different features from the traditional materials. Steel is intensively used in contemporary architecture to provide a different expression. Just because structure is essential for the architecture of the building, providing necessary  stability, strength and stiffness, it does not have to be architecturally mute, unless the designer makes that choice. Thus, steel structure no longer remains silent in terms of today’s architectural concepts.

It contributes architectural meaning and richness, sometimes becoming the most significant of all architectural elements within a building.

In this context, FSD aims to be the solution partner for the architects in order to achieve the most complicated structures with using the capabilities of steel systems. In the light of the expression ‘There is always a solution in Steel’, FSD team has completed many complicated projects with its advanced design & engineering capability, strict planning and project management discipline.

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