• Manufacturing process control and quality assurance in production facility,
  • Reliable service is part of the whole concept of FREESTEEL DESIGN.


Architectural needs of constructing industrial buildings are also fulfilled properly with steel structures. Longer spans, sectional-variable load descriptions, changeable dimensions are the main reasons for choosing steel structures in design of industrial buildings. The advanced design capability of FreeSteel Design with the advantage of providing light weight at weak soil conditions, plays an important role at customer’s choice.


• Steel structures are produced and installed faster than other construction materials. The building starts functioning just in time as planned before.

• Steel structure is more resistant to eartquake. This positive feature of steel in terms of weight, combining with the design capability of FreeSteel Design,

provides a major advantage when it is compared to other construction methods.


‘Quality and Reliable Total Service Perception’ of FreeSteel Design is the key value of constructing multistorey buildings throughout all the processes: project designing, planning, manufacturing and erection. Multistorey Steel Buildings are used in parallel with architectural & social needs and provide reliability and architectural flexibility by changing the habits.


• Longer spans with using minimum post and beam structures means more open and comfortable spaces.

• The other advantages of using steel structure at multistorey buildings are being lighter in terms of weight, decreasing costs in terms of foundation expenditures and being more secure in terms of earthquake.

• Using formwork at other construction methods is not essential for multistorey steel buildings. At this point, using steel structure is faster than other construction methods and enables reliable construction conditions.

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